Remote Operated. Battery Powered. Truck Jack. Safety Stand. Work Platform.

The patented Titan220e is designed to keep operators safe by using remote control to easily position the Titan220e under the chassis of a haul truck utilizing the OEM certified lifting points, elevate and stabilize a complete axle of a large haul truck. The Titan220e is a fast, safe and effective tool for tire and maintenance technicians to perform their work. The latest hydraulic and electronic technology is used to transform the Titan220e into a certified safety stand, eliminating the need for secondary supports. Tire and truck maintenance time is reduced, increasing truck availability.

9 key questions about Titan220

  1. How did you come up with a solution like the Titan220?
    Bold innovation has always been at the core of The NMT Group of companies. When SME presented the concept for the Titan220 the executive saw the immediate need to push for development. There are clear risks defined in the OTR maintenance industry. The concept for the Titan220 significantly reduces those risks.
  2. Is the Titan220 just a concept or is it something we’re likely to see in real operations?
    The Titan220 has been in development for the past 4 years. We have developed multiple prototypes operating around the world and have gained invaluable knowledge from them. The current Titan220 has been designed to ensure safety at every stage and to deliver a superior experience to all users.
  3. What does Titan220 offer customers?
    A safe, fast, clean and smart solution to lifting and securing multiple trucks in their fleet. The Titan220 is a remote operated, battery powered, truck jack, safety stand and work platform all in one piece of equipment.
  4. How will it impact the OTR industry?
    Equal opportunity. Using a radio remote control any trained personnel regardless of size, age or physical ability can operate the Titian220 to lift and secure the complete front or rear axle of a 240-400 ton class haul truck. Physical strain and operator injuries will be reduced during the truck lift and securing process.
  5. Is the technology proven?
    Integrating new technology into an existing workflow comes with challenges. Our team of experts have spent years researching and finetuning the design for the Titan220. SME currently has prototypes operating at mine site in South America and offering live demonstrations of the production model Titan220.
  6. How will this affect tire maintenance personnel?
    The level of safety is drastically increased when using the Titan220. Operators are removed from the trucks shadow by using the radio remote control. The Titan220 is a “next generation” truck jack by also functioning as a certified safety stand and work platform. This also means less time placing multiple objects and an increase in truck availability.
  7. How will this affect stakeholders?
    Time saved when performing a lift with the Titan220 is 90.6% per axle. When less time is used during truck maintenance truck availability will increase.
  8. Is the Titan220 safe?
    Above standard safety is built into every piece of equipment designed and manufactured at the NMT Group. The Titan220 uses hydraulic locking valves plus four secondary mechanical locking arms when lifting and securing the load. The mechanical locking arms gives the operator visual confirmation that the load is secure. Safety, you can see!
  9. What is the next step for the Titan220?
    The Titan220 is the first developed solution in a line up of heavy-duty maintenance equipment. Complementary products are currently in various stages of development with our experts that will change the way tire maintenance is preformed on OTR haul trucks and other equipment.