Long-Term Partnership

Just the beginning of a long-term relationship – when a piece of equipment leaves the SME manufacturing plant, it signifies the beginning of its working life with the customer. However, the engineers and technicians at SME accompany the equipment throughout its entire operational life. Servicing, maintenance and useful updates are integral parts of the comprehensive after-sales service SME provides.

It begins with the commissioning of the piece of equipment by experienced technicians at the site and continues with optional service inspections. Whenever there are new technical developments, the technicians provide updates and thus ensure continual product improvement. The supply of spare parts is also guaranteed throughout the equipment's entire operational life. Any repairs are carried out within the shortest possible time and in accordance with the highest quality standards. Furthermore, SME is always available to provide technical support and advise its customers on-site.

The SME service team forms the core of this long term partnership for quality. The team consists of specialists who have a wealth of experience and expertise gained in serving customers throughout the world. They too embody the fundamental virtues incorporated in equipment made by SME. Right from the development and production stages, every project is individually supported with great flexibility and commitment with the ultimate aim of providing the customer with the best possible solution. Thus the purchase of a SME piece of equipment becomes a long term partnership.