Safety Share – Dangers of a Tandem Lift Using Single Point Jacks

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The risks of a truck collapse are high when using two single point, ram style jacks in tandem to lift and secure mining haul trucks without the use of safety stands or similar mechanical stability.

When single point jacks lift in tandem a situation is created where there are uncontrolled variables such as uneven lifting that could cause the extensions to blow out and collapse the truck.

Single point rams or cylinders on a small foot print base are made for lifting the truck only and do not provide the lateral load stability that can be introduced with a tire handler and in some instances the lack of properly placed wheel chocks.

Even though some single point jacks have an internal locking device lateral loading should be considered as this type of accident has happened.

A preventable truck collapse occurred during tire maintenance when two single ram jacks were use as safety stands and could not support the lateral load of a tire handler.

The Titan220 has a secondary mechanical locking system that visually allows you to see when the entire rear axle is secured during a single lift and ready to support lateral loads.

Titan220 vs Single Jack

Best Practices

  1. MOVE - Ensure that the haul truck is in maintenance position with wheel chocks securely in place. Turn on the Titan220. While standing safely out of the truck’s shadow, drive and steer the Titan220 using the wireless remote control. Position the Titan220 under the front or rear of the truck to perform the desired lift.
  2. LIFT - Visually inspect that the Titan220 is positioned under the OEM lifting points. Stabilize the Titan220 by raising the tires and lowering the body. This will create a safety stand with a footprint of 6.69 m2 (72 ft2). Using the wireless remote control raise the lifting device. The lifting device will automatically lock onto secondary mechanical safety locks as it rises.
  3. LOCK - Once the truck is at the desired height, lower the lifting device onto the mechanical safety lock. The Titan220 is now fully supporting the axle of a truck and can be turned off. It is now safe to perform maintenance to your truck.
  4. WORK - Safely handles a lateral load when removing tires.